We created a goal setting system so powerful, it would be a shame to keep it only for us

Hey there, we are Ivan and Nikolay and we are goal buddies.

What is a goal buddy?

А goal buddy is someone, usually a friend, who helps you stay on track with your goals.

All of us are busy and even if we set goals, most of us forget about them and don’t check them regularly. You may relate to the statistics that 92% of all new years resolutions fail … usually within the first two weeks.

Our experience is that if you have a goal buddy, 92% of the goals will be achieved.

Your goal buddy would call you weekly and walk through your list with goals. Questions like these get asked and discussed: What have you accomplished this week? What are the next actions for this goal for next week?

This is a very simple, yet extremely powerful system for taking your life to the next level.


We discovered this concept and became “goal buddies”.

Each week we have a call and we help each other with our goals.

Through the years we expanded the concept and developed a whole system for setting and achieving goals. We research the science behind it, we test it and improve it. We have specific exercises that we make on a quarterly or yearly basis.

The “goal buddy system” as we call it became so powerful that our friends started asking about it.

And then we decided that it would be a shame to keep it only for us.

So, this blog was born.

We will create free articles and share our findings, challenges, and journey. We will create guides how to set goals and how to achieve these goals, how to form the habits.

We are just two ordinary guys who want to achieve more in life and want to bring value to the world.

We both have families and two kids each and we both have very busy careers.

Nikolay is CTO of a large software company and is also a sports fan. He used to fly with paragliders before his kids were born but lately his passion is for windsurfing and biking.

Ivan is a founder of several companies. He is passionate about teaching and he is CEO of the largest online educational center for software in Bulgaria.

The resources on this blog are free, so it would be greatly appreciated if you share it with your friends.

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