The Goal Buddy Mission

We believe that the world will become a better place if more people have clarity about their dreams and have a tested goal-setting system how to achieve them.

The mission of the Goal Buddy project is to develop this modern and innovative system that supports people to set and achieve their goals.

The most critical problem for most people is the lack of support system during their goal setting and goal achieving process. Studies have shown that 94% of people abandon their goals just two weeks after setting them. This is a key problem that the “Goal Buddy” system elegantly solves.

The purpose of Goal Buddy (a digital goal setting mentor) is to create a website where people can find quality and practical information about achieving their goals.

The system consists of three key components: web-based training materials; web-based tools with exercises and a free mobile application.

By developing a method for setting and achieve goals our goal is to create value for people, allowing them to reach their full potential and a state of sustainable happiness.

Our mission is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them not only information and a proven system for setting and achieving goals but a whole support mechanism called “Goal Buddy”.

The system was developed by the two of the founders and originally used for personal purposes. After years of working with it, they decided to share it with the world.

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