Why review the past year and how to learn from its lessons

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A long time ago we set up our mission to assist people in making their dreams come true. And we want that they could do so without much stress, almost effortlessly and with ease. Now you too have the chance to take part in that.

It is a “GoalBuddy” initiative to make the month of December a time for dreaming big.

The magic of December

There must be something special going on around that time of the year and we are not talking about viruses. Maybe it’s the mood that takes over us because of the Christmas holidays. Or perhaps it is human nature to look back and then see off the past 12 months with gratitude and hope for a better life.

For us, this time has always been intimately connected to what we strive for.

This time around we can together with you make it even more special.

The charitable drive of the “GoalBuddy” Foundation

We have taken on a cause that will help many. The more people support us, the greater the effect of it.

In the next four weeks, 20% of the proceeds of all sales of our book “The 4 keys to achieving goals” will go into two charities – “Plastic caps for the Future” and “Pass it on!”

But that’s not all.

To show that it’s not just a matter of moral support, we will match your donations and thus doubling the total amount.

For the causes

We have chosen to support these two for several reasons.

First, they are close to our hearts. We know well the people who run them, and we are confident in the great and positive impact.

And second, the aim is to support specific groups of people. “Plastic caps for the future” is perhaps one of the most popular causes. It is known for its success in buying baby incubators. And “Pass It On!” covers specific things, such as buying a washing machine for a nursing home or building a gazebo.

We are 100% sure that all the money donated will do much good.

How to get involved

It is very easy:

  1. Buy the book today – for yourself or as a Christmas present for a loved one. This is the first step on the road to fulfilling a dream.
  2. 20% of the proceeds will go to the two charities from above. This is the second step in helping and giving hope to someone.
  3. We will then donate as much money as the same amount collected from the book sales.

You can get the book from here. https://info.goalbuddy.app/kniga/

It’s a win-win

You get great guidance on how to achieve your objectives with ease. And if you already bought the book, then you get a great idea for a Christmas present for a friend.

And we get the opportunity to be of assistance to many in solving their problems and issues on the journey towards a better and meaningful life.

Together we gain the satisfaction of giving some hope to those who are less fortunate than we are. They may very well start believing that better days are ahead and that they too can make their dreams come true.

Let’s get back to the goals

December is the one month during which millions of people around the world would set new objectives. For example, Google searches on the topic increase something like 2 – 3 fold.

Now is the perfect time to look back and set goals for the next one.

In the “GoalBuddy” system, we regularly review the previous quarter so that we can assess whether our strategy was working and then better plan for our next 90-day goals.

Equally important is the annual review of our vision. That’s how we remind ourselves of what we want. It’s the time we think about the way we make progress and look for new ways to do so.

What sets successful people apart

According to Ivan’s coach (one successful person living and running his business in London), there is one key element:

A successful person takes the time to go over what happened in the last year. And some others, not so successful people, don’t – that’s that one thing that makes the crucial difference.

If we want to move forward, it is good to stop for a moment and look back and see what new knowledge we can get from the experience. And 2020 has a lot to offer in that.

Don’t skip on the chance for retrospection!

There is hardly a person on the planet who would think of 2020 as normal. Almost every aspect of life has changed and it doesn’t make much sense to go into the details – we all know it very well.

In such times of cataclysmic challenges, we are given the one-in-lifetime opportunity to change things for good.

We have to draw the right conclusions and not give in to self-pity or victimhood.

How the past makes us wiser

Such retrospection would be wasted if we couldn’t learn anything from it. And to do so, it will be helpful to do it within a well-structured process.

Sure, it has to be done also in writing, i.e. “black on white” is indispensable at a later time when we can quickly go over it.

Sharing and discussing throughout this process with the Goal Buddy is the best approach known to us.

Here are some guidelines:

# 1 Focus

It is at the beginning of each of our workshops.

Think about what has been a success. It could be an experience, i.e. a trip, an event, even a nice time with the family. Or, it could be starting to exercise regularly, picking up a new and exciting hobby.

It might be hard at first and you won’t be able to think of an achievement or a positive event. But once the process picks up some speed you might very well realize there are a lot more reasons to feel good about yourself.

This is the way to tune your mind into a lasting positivity.

# 2 What works

So, first, you think of what you did right these last 12 months and then how to repeat the success in the next one. Try to pin down what your initial reaction was and how you did find the correct approach!

It is equally important to list all those times when you failed. You should focus on what you learned so that you can do better next time.

As the proverb goes – “Success will fix your style, tough times – your character.”

# 3 Obstacles and strategies

What obstacles did you have to overcome? And how did you managed (regardless of the outcome) to transform them into new strategies for reaching further toward your objectives?

If we do not learn any lessons from the tough moments in life they will haunt us and will be repeated in the future. If we have not resolved any of our internal issues no change in the circumstances will do us any good.

Therefore, we must find strength and resolve and ultimately be thankful for every obstacle, because it is the path to our growth as a person.

Let’s go back to the “Why” question

After going through the lessons of the past, it is time to look ahead to the future – what we strive to achieve, what we dream about.

It’s essential to get to the bottom of “Why do I want it?” If the answer is not convincing or just scratching on the surface then we are setting ourselves for some future disappointments.

Of course, we must be careful what we wish for. This year people learned it the hard way – the students who were more than happy to have the unexpected vacation, and the men who imagined a world without shopping malls, and the women who wanted no pubs and sports.

How to stop being part of this sad statistics

Unfortunately, about 94% of people who set New Year’s resolutions give them up in the first couple of weeks.

In our opinion, the reason is incorrect goal-setting. This could be any of the following – no clear reason, no short-term strategy, no constant action nor the support of a Goal Buddy. Not to mention how we often get obsessed with the result instead of focusing on our actions.

All of the above could be easily avoided by employing a system. In other words:

The “GoalBuddy”

Start from scratch and do it right now! Take a look at the past year, find out what and why you want and set goals for the first quarter of 2021. There are hundreds of free resources on our website, as well as the book we wrote.

Let’s make December the month of dreams! And then we work on fulfilling them every single day.


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  • December 24, 2020 at 05:46

    I will like to be getting updates on goal seating and how to accomplish the tasks
    Thank you


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