How I set one 90-day action goal to achieve multiple visions (example)

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There are more than 40 different types of goals, but we have simplified the GoalBuddy system and we use only two – 90-day action goals and visions.

If you think linearly, you have one vision and you set one action goal each 90 days for this vision. So after several quarters, you are much nearer to your vision. Our guide how to do this will be published soon.

Then you repeat this for each vision, ie. one action goal for each vision.

But there is a better way. I want to be more effective and …

I always think how I can achieve multiple visions with fewer action goals

When I set my visions, I ask the question.

Is there an action goal, which can advance me towards multiple visions, i.e. kill two birds with one stone.

For example, one of my action goals for the first 90 days of 2017 for me is “Improve writing and speaking English by studying English 30min. each day”.

Some of you might think: “Finally, it was about time” 🙂

Let’s see some of my visions and how this 90-day action goal helps me to reach my vision.

1. Vision – Aula

As you might know (or not know), I am the founder of – the biggest online center for software education in Bulgaria (think Lynda or Udemy but targeted locally for Bulgaria). We teach software like Excel, Photoshop and AutoCAD.

But we are expanding and part of our vision is to teach English. Don’t worry, I am not the teacher 🙂

We are creating a very effective and innovative way to learn English.

It’s still very early in development. Part of my work is to design the online education process and this requires research and hands-on experiments with alternative teaching methods. So I will use and test some of the methodologies that we intend to integrate into the online process.

By studying English myself, I will boost my skills and help Aula develop the online process as well.

2. Vision – GoalBuddy

We have a vision for GoalBuddy and part of it is to share our knowledge with the world. We write articles and will write even a goal setting book. I would like to have a YouTube goal setting channel as well.

But for this to happen, I have to level up my English in both writing and speaking.

By studying English, I will boost my skills and be able to communicate better.

3. Vision – Family

I am a family guy. My home is my castle. I love to spend time with my kids.

But I am taking part of really interesting projects and if I don’t set aside time intentionally, I may no be able to do so. This year my son was admitted to a new school. The first year is focused on studying English. I would like to be able to help him and we will spend time each day to review new words and concepts he has to learn. He learns, I learn as well.

By studying English, I will spend time with my son.

So… one action goal – three visions.

With this action goal:
“Improve writing and speaking  English by studying English 30min. each day”.
I will be one step nearer to three of my visions – Aula, GoalBuddy and Family.

By the way, mundane skill boosting goal like “study English for 30min.” may seem like too simple, too ordinary and even disconnected from big projects, but is exactly what works.

Again, this is a good example how you achieve your big dreams by constantly doing small steps.



2 thoughts on “How I set one 90-day action goal to achieve multiple visions (example)

  • May 4, 2017 at 00:16

    Many thanks for your excellently presented and very user friendly goal setting and goal achieving system. I am just at the beginning of my 90 day activity focus, but already your system has helped me find clarity in what I actually want and made me realize some doable first steps (activities) towards those vision goals. So glad I came across your website! 🙂

  • August 21, 2017 at 16:52

    Utterly Brilliant. I am 63 and have set many goals in my life some I reached others I did not. The one goal I have not reached is changing my lifestyle to gain better health, fitness and weight loss. Now I can see what I need to do so I can get goals that will enable this to happen. I was looking too far ahead and creating stumbling blocks for myself. Setting goals for 90 days makes sense as many of the goals will become good habits.
    I am so pleased you have shared this so others can see how to set meaningful goals that will work. Your breakdown is easy to follow and understand Thank You for all your hard work.


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