Our Goals

We want to be completely transparent.

And also show that we walk the talk. We use the goal buddy system not only to achieve our personal goals but also to build this website and complete the whole project.

So here we will list our future goals.

This is an initial draft list. Check this page for regular updates:

Our vision goal includes:

gb-checkedCreate a GoalBuddy App

gb-checkedWrite the GoalBuddy Book

gb-checkedHelp 1,000,000 people reach their goals

gb-checkedGoalBuddy workshops by GoalBuddy coaches

Our actions goals for this quarter are:

gb-checkedSign contract with UX Designers (for mobile app) and organize weekly meetings.
Desired result: Goalbuddy app prototype

gb-checkedAdd attractive signup forms accross GB website.
Desired result: 2% convertion rate. Build email list of achievers. Support/remind people per email in order stay on track and avoid goal abandonment.

Here are some of the milestones we completed:

gb-checkedChoose name for the website and buy domain

gb-checkedFind super fast hosting account. Setup speedy wordpress site.

gb-checkedWrite the first blog article (First step is always the hardest)

gb-checkedSubmit project to apply for funding for new organizations.

gb-checkedSetup Facebook Page

gb-checkedSetup task management system (JIRA) and documentation system (Confluence)

gb-checkedHire proffesional designer to create the Goal Buddy logo

gb-checkedPublish 6 blog posts with valuable tips min. 1,000 words long

gb-checkedSetup email newsletter

Last update: 06.2017
Next update: 07.2017

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