Why people fail to achieve their goals and dreams?

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Big goals and dreams are hard to achieve not because they are big. The real reason so many people fail to achieve goals and dreams are the limiting beliefs that we all have and prevent us from making the necessary steps to chase them. Here is a wonderful article by my friend Irina Konstantinova in which she shares not only why we don’t achieve our biggest goals and dreams, but how to avoid that.

Limitations are just a matter of opinion

by Irina Konstantinova

“This won’t happen. That’s not the way to do it. That would not be appropriate!” – Endless statements about how something will not happen.

If you don’t really want to achieve what you wish, believe in these limitations. They are a great excuse.

But if you really want to achieve what you’re aiming for, forget about all the limiting beliefs, because you can do it. Whether achieving the desired result will bring you happiness or not is another issue. But if you don’t make an attempt, there is no way to understand.

The existence of generally accepted limiting beliefs is actually more than wonderful. They automatically eliminate competition from all those who are convinced of the inability to achieve something, so they don’t even try.

Such people may actually be much smarter than most, they may have more skills, experience, and knowledge, but you won’t have to compete with them because they believe they are not capable of achieving something big, so they do not make any attempts in that direction.

And when someone does not believe in success, there is no way to achieve it

Except by accident, and there is no such a thing. Otherwise, the casinos would go bankrupt, not their clientele.

Even if a capable person makes the effort but still does not believe in the goal, his efforts are wasted and he will give up either early or later.

You may have believed for years there is something you can’t achieve. But if this belief does not bring you satisfaction, if you are worried that you have not achieved your wish or even tried to achieve it, then it is time to stop.

It was best to focus your attention on your wish at the moment when it has arisen. That moment was the best time. The other most appropriate moment is now. It is now, not Monday, not next week, not after an hour. Stop doing what you do, stop reading, and do something, whatever it is, that even with a millimeter, moves you to the desired goal.

It is natural to be afraid, to have doubt. You will probably begin to consider all pros and cons, but does this bring you joy or just makes you angry? If it brings you happiness, don’t get offended but you are some kind of masochist.

However, if you want to feel the joy of life, be enthusiastic, perform with energy, feel that you are alive with every cell of your body, there is nothing else to do but face your fears and despite them, despite all the limiting beliefs, just do what you know you need to do to get closer to the goal.

No one will ever give you a guarantee of the outcome of your actions.

The only guarantee is for the actions themselves because we can only control them.

Imagine very clearly and detailed what you want to achieve. Just as you want it to happen, to the smallest detail, in the sequence you want. If you find it difficult, imagine that you are in a perfect world and there are no impossible things. Take this attitude as though you have already achieved your goal. Feel your mood, are you happy, are you satisfied, are you pacified, do you feel like a winner.

If so, the goal is worth achieving. Besides, the goal is already achieved in your consciousness and it is only a question of realization in the material world.

You may not know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your goal.

But when you “see” your goal achieved inside your mind, the first steps you need to take get immediately clear. You become like a man walking through a forest on a dark night and lighting the way ahead with a small flashlight. He can see only a few steps ahead of him, but he can walk them, and when he does, the next steps are revealed before him, and so he gets a little closer to the goal.

While the desire to achieve the goal is alive, you will know at every next moment what needs to be done so you can move forward towards it. You know and you have such power and confidence that there is simply no way to fail. And achieving any goal, even a small one, strengthens the belief in your own capabilities. Your own capabilities are expanding, you get stronger, and you can achieve more and more things that others would find unachievable.

For the people around you, achieving your goals may seem impossible.

But when it comes to you, that’s not true. You are unique. You and no one but you can achieve your goals in the perfect way that you could.

If goals are born from your ideals, if you carry them in your heart, you have the resources and you can achieve them. You can. If you could not, the goal would not have the conditions to be born. If you want something, you have the power to do it. You only need to show the will to realize your goal.

A major obstacle that you may face on the road, and will have to overcome with the power of will, is laziness. Laziness is the main obstacle to achieving success. Besides, in addition to its pure form, where it is generally easy to recognize, there are still many faces of laziness. Sometimes it appears as fear, as fatigue, as a lack of faith in your own capabilities.

Learn how to recognize and defeat laziness, which is the most terrible enemy on the road to success.

Dealing with laziness is not a simple job. The only cure for it is just to do what you need to do, although you feel lazy, you are afraid, you are tired and some inner voice is whispering not to keep yourself busy with nonsense because you will not succeed.

To cope with laziness, you need to develop discipline. Start with small things, like, for example, in the morning, after getting up to make your bed. If you feel lazy to clear your home, clear it. If you are lazy to do a job in the office, and you don’t know how exactly to do it, force yourself to do it, push your brain cells to grasp what exactly is required of you.

You may be lazy to get out of the sofa, you may even be lazy to go out and meet your friends in the evening after work – that’s the moment you have to give yourself an internal order – “get up and act!”. Only by action and activity, laziness can be overcome. And when this becomes your habit, you will not have the patience to embark on the next challenge, because you will become addicted to the feeling of the well-done job.

Getting satisfaction by achieving your goals will make you look for new limiting beliefs to break because by overcoming them, you will increase your strength and faith in our own capabilities.

If you believe it is possible to achieve what you want, you will succeed where others fail.

Remove all thoughts from your consciousness that something is impossible. Instead, create a joy of the result you intend to achieve. Feel as if the result has already been achieved and be thankful for that. Enjoy the result as if it is already a fact and take the actions that others have refused to do because they “are meaningless”.

Think of it as you have the power to achieve each of your goals, but to exercise the willpower to achieve them is a choice that only you can do.

How to define your goals. Avoid the mistakes that set you up for failure

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