“GoalBuddy” – how the idea became reality

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Today will take you on an interesting trip. We would like to show you how our vision gave us a long-term direction and how we successfully used all our knowledge and experience to launch a project of life-changing significance.

You will see for yourself what has been done up until now as well as what’s in store for 2019.

How it all started

We were able to start assisting others only in the last couple of years. Before that, and for a long time, we too had our fair share of trouble with finding a way to pursue our dreams.

It was a while ago, 2012 to be exact when it all began. We were both struggling at the time to figure out the best approach for setting and realizing our objectives. It was at a seminar when a speaker said something which made a deep impression on both of us, namely, his habit of sharing all of the work-related issues with a close relative. We simply had to put the 2 and 2 together even though it didn’t happen right away.

But the idea was born

Afterward, we spent hours and hours of discussing and comparing notes on how each one of us was tackling the issues of goal setting. It was making perfect sense to continue doing this on a regular basis. That’s how fascinating and special this encounter was.

We instinctively sensed the enormous impact of these meetings. It was mostly because of the feeling of moral support but also that the idea of sharing thoughts about goals has sunk in. And then it got difficult.

Driving through heavy fog

Although we firmly believed that writing down our goals was essential we still somehow knew this was just an element of something bigger. We already understood very well that a systematic approach can conquer the chaos and chance of setting and achieving goals.

It was quite an ordeal to get out of the thick haze of uncertainty. But we had to push through regardless and we did so by reading and thoroughly researching at first and then working out things with a great deal of trial and error.

 Laying down the framework

Soon it became clear that we didn’t have a reliable method to make a record of the process. For this purpose, we tried several types of apps but to no avail.

And there was this other basic element that was far from working out – the time periods for a given objective. We covered a range from few weeks to 10 years but, again, it did make little or no substantial difference whatsoever.

The hardest was to learn how to walk the fine line between cutting our losses versus giving up too soon. It apparently was also the most consequential once resolved.

And then the moment came when it all clicked

It was like reaching the point when finally all was well and working without any glitches. There was no longer room or need for improvement.  The system was up and running like a clock. The one thing left was to give it a name.

The system

Your partner, the goal buddy, is in the epicenter of it – you are helping and supporting each other on the road to success.

There are two types of goals – first, the 25-year vision and then the 90-day action goal, that has the strategic role of getting you closer to your vision. And you move forward through small weekly steps.

Tried and tested

The process is flawless and highly efficient. When you apply it as we do with all its rules it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to fail.

We strongly believed that it could have been of substantial benefit not to just the two of us. That’s why we embarked on this journey to promote it so that we help many others achieve their goals. We had to, however, start from scratch since we had none of the required background or experience how to popularize it.

Of course, what we did was to apply here our own system.

The vision was first

For us developing “GoalBuddy” became a mission and one of the top causes in our lives.

We first looked at the long-term perspective – to help as many people as we can to turn their аspirations into reality so that they can enjoy to its fullest a happier life.


It has 4 key elements that drive its success.

These are the website, the mobile app, the workshops, and very soon there will be also a book.

90-day action goals

One thing’s for sure:

For any of the big goals that are far in the distance and may seem impossible, there are those smaller intermediate objectives that needed to be reached step by step every week.

Here’s how we utilize the 90-day periods for each of the four key components.

# 1 Website

It turned out that there was not a single internet site that was fully and exclusively dedicated to the subject.

Most of those people who had something to say on the topic, i.e. consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, etc. would address it in depth and in some cases brilliantly so. But:

  • Some focus exclusively on the motivational part and leave it to you how to proceed from there.
  • Others don’t address the most pressing issues, such as how to deal with challenges and not quitting midway.
  • And there are those who overdo it generalizing with some out of context “positive affirmations”.

We offered the very fist free of charge online platform for you to get started and succeed with goal setting.

What we started with

We first aimed to set up the website, translate the content in English and publish it.

What came next was a bit more of an effort – we wanted to consistently create an engaging content maintaining a level of utmost quality.

How we did it

We set a 90-day goal to kick off the podcasts which were to be a series of new and interesting stories. Within these 3 months, we managed to ensure a problem-free going of the whole process of planning, recording, editing and publishing one episode every week.

An excellent team was engaged to create and organize the written material for Bulgarian and English. That included updating the blog, the social networks accounts, and the email subscription.

What we have learned

It was less than a year ago when we first thought of it and nowadays our website is one immensely helpful compilation of information and methodology.

We haven’t missed a single episode regardless of how busy our days and weeks were. This only reinforced the belief in perseverance and the accumulative power of the small weekly steps.

With over 120 articles, 56 podcasts and a free downloadable guide, we provide a rare opportunity for anyone willing to give “GoalBuddy” a try.

This well thought out and correctly employed strategy was a resounding success.

What’s ahead of us for 2019?

We’ll be expanding further our series and articles with new valuable content. One of the best things about it is that we no longer have to closely supervise what became a smoothly running routine for us and the team.

# 2 A mobile app

It was badly needed because we recognized the necessity for keeping track of our objectives. There wasn’t a good tool available and we decided to design our own.

It was a bit of a surprise to us how it went, though. We both have the background and expertise and yet it didn’t go without snags and delays.

How we are progressing with the use of the 90-day goals

We first did the specs detailing the app’s functionality. That was the easy part.

The next stage, the UX design, took us beyond the deadline of the quarter. We had many meetings and explored different options with a number of designers and artists before we could finalize a beta version.

Testing it was for the 3rd 90-day period and by the summer of 2018, we already had GoalBuddy 1.0. There is still a lot to be desired in terms of improvement but the core of it is done and ready.

What we have learned

For a long time, we’ve been giving our best to this project but we haven’t progressed as much and as fast as we wished. There are many and various reasons for that, some factors beyond us but we always want to focus on those things that we could have done better.

One such thing was that we did a poor job of communicating the idea and the purpose behind it to all those who committed to it. They couldn’t see it as the birth of a long-term endeavor but as a 9-to-5 job instead.

The moral of the story should be quite obvious – when it comes to common goals we have to make sure that our vision and values are openly laid out on the table and everybody clearly understands and fully accepts them.

What’s ahead of us for 2019?

We will continue down this road which is all about handing to people a powerful tool for managing their goals in the best and most effective manner.

It’s in our plans to enrich the functionality of the app and to speed up the implementation of new features. The plan is to come up with a new upgrade every month.

So, we are looking for an experienced programmer (let us know if you are interested).

# 3 A book

Writing a bestseller was an old wish of ours.

At first, it looked like we were well prepared. We had a superb system in our hands, while everything else to go on the pages, our thoughts and words, had been with us and in our heads for a long time.

But we decided to wait for the feedback from our blog readers and podcast subscribers.

And because of that now we have a much better grasp of how the reader will perceive and hopefully embrace our ideas. While the system won’t undergo major changes the way it is introduced and communicated to our audience will get better and better.

And when the moment came we rolled up our sleeves and started typing.

How we are progressing

Of course, 90-day action goals were what to go with here. First order of the day was to set the structure of the book by organizing it conceptually.

Currently, we are experimenting with a strategy which appears to be quite effective. We are doing podcasts according to the content of the book and if the listeners like it then the reader would too.

What’s ahead of us for 2019?

It’s very important for us to maintain the highest level of professionalism. We already hired an editor and in the next 90-day period our team will be working closely with that person.

We are soon to finish the manuscript, then the editing and last will be the printing press.

The book is coming out this year!

# 4 A workshop

This is yet another of our dreams come true – bringing people together and giving them such a formatting experience that they can quickly and with ease apply it immediately in their lives.

We run several workshops every year but very soon we will be moving to the next level.

What’s ahead of us for 2019?

We are about to launch a pilot for an online course.

We would love to bring what we have gained as experience and knowledge within the reach of many more. That’s why we want to integrate everything we created so far into a complete and well-tuned program of mentoring. Each participant can take full advantage of us in real-time through a web-based workshop.

The initial training will be coupled with 3 quarters regarding the 3 most important aspects of life – health, finances, and relationships. We’ll do case studies, we’ll discuss and advise on the participants’ own experience and issues. Undoubtedly, that will be a format to the benefit of everybody.

Couple of words about how far we’ve come

From the very outset, everything for us was under a big question. We started with nothing more than just an idea that came out of a chance conversation. Only with the work on the system itself, things became for real.

We keep using it along the way – first taking care of the vision by reviewing it every 3 months and setting up our goals accordingly. That’s how little by little, one step after another we got to learn from our mistakes and inevitable setbacks.


It is fascinating how from the distance of time we can look now at ourselves and recollect the uncertain and shaky beginnings we had a year ago. We had no clue how the whole thing would unfold and whether we could manage to fit it all in our busy everyday life.

This made us reassess how we do our planning with the vision always in front of us while at the same time avoiding being carried away with trying to anticipate every eventuality. It’s simply a humanly impossible task to know for sure where the road will take you.

 The human factor

The past year has shown us how vital is to set the right expectations and to work with a great team that is built on common principles as much as on the same objectives.

There are certain values behind our goals. And while visions are not set in stone, our values are.

Looking straight ahead

We will be employing “GoalBuddy” across any sorts of areas – a careful targeting, focus and incremental progress. Our dream is a lot closer than we might think.

We have in mind some very exciting projects. Just wait for the news of them to break!

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