May the Force of intentions be with you

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There is this guy getting on the bus. He’s not in a particularly good mood, he takes a seat and starts murmuring to himself: “Life sucks, I am broke, my wife is no good, people are bad.” The passenger in the seat just behind pulls out a notebook and starts writing these down, “Life sucks – check, money are not enough – check, the wife is no good – check, people are bad – check.” In the end, he makes a deep sigh and murmurs to himself too, “Hmm… It’s the same story every day. Well, what do I care! I am just doing my job, being the Guardian Angel here. So, I have to make all this happen.”

Today we will try to understand the power of our intentions and how to tame and ultimately control them in order to get what we want.

Be careful what you wish for

If you think negatively then your results will be too. If you think optimistically then you will get the corresponding positive ones.

This statement is Norman Vincent Peale’s theory in a nutshell – how the different ways we view reality affect us in the long run. And the philosophy of Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret: Success vs. Conformity” is no longer a secret for anyone – you become what you think.

It’s hard to disagree with this. If you look at your life with fear and anxiety, then, in return, you will get exactly that. That’s why it’s a bad idea to fall into the trap of such self-fulfilling “prophecies”. If you keep telling yourself how bad everything is, you are in fact forming a very strong inclination. And that’s because your subconscious is being shaped around a negative notion.

A full circle –and a quite vicious one too

Once you’ve decided that life is bad and unfair it may actually go that way. Any such outcome will be only reinforcing your pessimistic attitude. In the end, you will get exactly what you want without even explicitly wishing it.


Intention is necessary

Don’t take us wrong! We are not claiming that you can achieve success simply with some uplifting mantras and well thought out wishes for your guarding angel.

There is no argument here, it is important to clearly define what exactly you want. When carefully forming your thoughts you will open your mind for all kind of possibilities. This happens without much effort, and somehow without realizing it. You will subconsciously start looking for and finding all sorts of means to get your wishes to materialize.

Well, there is one more piece missing here.

The intention might be necessary but it is not a sufficient condition

It won’t come out of the blue for you that:

In order to achieve anything, you must follow up on your plan with the corresponding actions.

Of course, this can be done either consciously, with all your attention or in the more relaxed manner over some period of time when it is driven simply by the idea of what you are aiming at.

We ourselves can bring up a few examples of how we wanted something and without doing anything specific it eventually just happened as if all by itself.

The nature of this not so obvious link between intention and the action needed is such that it makes people assume that things happen only with strong enough will and hard work. But the opposite is true too. If you can tune yourself into the same wave of your idea then you don’t actually need any plan at all – you just gradually start moving in the desired direction. And it’s very likely that after a while you will get where you wanted.

What’s the source of this confusion

Let’s suppose that you plan to advance in a field and you already have some a priori understanding of how to do that. For example, you would like to learn how to play the guitar. There isn’t much urgency to it and you can leave it for later, sometimes it turns out to be for years. But if you decided that the moment has come to start then you will probably do what is the reasonable thing: to take lessons or to download a self-tutor online. And you start learning.

After a while, and after you registered some progress, it is likely that you’ll have the impression that even if you got some talent it was only your dedication and persistence that made of you a decent guitar player.

The tricky part is when you want something which is far away in the future and not easy to achieve exactly because it is so out there beyond your limits that you have no idea how and where to start.

The vision

That’s exactly where your intention must reside.

The key here is:

Formulate your intention for those things you have no idea how to achieve.

The process of setting up your vision is the time to ask from life or to put it in the context of the story we started with – to make your wish list known to your guarding angel. Make sure it includes only what’s important to you in the long run but you are not so sure how and where to start.

Let’s take a look at the health issue for example. You have no doubt that you want to be active, energetic and in perfect physical shape at the age of 75 and beyond.

What’s next?

Time to act

While the vision is about what you want, at the level of the 90-day goal and weekly step you have to emphasize on the work that will take you there.

You’ll have to organize everything you do around what your desire is about. And in doing so, you will be sure that you are moving towards it and not getting distracted by other things or wasting your resources on some occasional spur of the moment.

And because we like you, we will show you how to be on the same wavelength as your idea.

Advanced Technique

You might be already aware of this phenomenon when you vividly see in your mind the dream being already successfully materialized. It’s like as if your brain is being “magnetized” and all good things you are striving for start getting pulled towards you under the power of this “magnetic” force.

We feel very excited about this and are eager to show you how to apply it.


One possibility is to imagine the small weekly steps as being completed. This is very helpful in terms of energy and motivation.

And maybe you can go even further and do the same for your vision. For example, you can learn from Niki and include in your morning routine the process of foreseeing how the most important things in your life unfold towards the best outcome.

A bonus piece of advice

When you visualize, try to make it as real as you can. This means picture and sound, plus some happier emotions through inducing a gesture, i.e. a smile. Use all channels of communication with yourself so that intention is firmly anchored in you.

We also highly recommend another technique based on the Silva meditation method. It’s simple – first, you make an audio recording of how you see your objectives fulfilled and then you listen to it.

You may look at this as a bit weird. And why wouldn’t you!

But it works!

It’s indisputable that if you act the same way as everybody else then you can’t expect an outstanding result.

Our idea is to help you “rise and shine” well above the average and leave mediocrity behind once and for all. Successful people not only think positively but also use a variety of techniques to make their minds finely tuned to the wave of success.

So, we suggest trying all available approaches to figure out what would make the difference for you.

It’s up to you if you skip this next one!

Even if it might seem kind of silly to meditate or visualize, keep in mind the following:

Only around 5% of all you do is a conscious effort. The rest is done at the subconscious level. You need to take care of your subconscious and constantly “reprogram” it in order to have it as your engine of progress towards achieving your goals.

Our advice here is this – just give it a try. If it doesn’t do anything for you, then simply ignore it. But we have to warn that you do that at your own risk to miss a great opportunity.

Okay, let’s see now what the other side of the medal called strong intentions is. In particular, how easily they can get misplaced and thus fail you if you fail to use your focus.

# 1: Is it even possible to focus on everything!

Pretty much everybody knows this truism: wanting everything means at the end not wanting anything.

So, if you want to take part in the Olympic triathlon and at the same time get selected for a NASA mission while concerting as a world-famous guitar player, we’re telling you right now – it’s not going to happen.

When your dreams are so wildly diverging your imagination is being stretched quite thin. You give it such conflicting marching orders that it fails to stay on track. Instead of clarity of purpose, it is getting stuck or even worse – it becomes completely lost in a state of total confusion.

That’s why there is the limitation on the number of your visions in the “GoalBuddy” system. Let those be small but of good value – the ones you are really dying for and you will continue to feel that way throughout your life.

Apart from being distracted, you can get off track in yet another disastrous manner.

# 2 Intention and focus are out of sync

When you have an objective in front of you, but you never get to do anything about it then this can cost you dearly.

Let’s say you are about to do a marathon, but all of your concerns and energy go entirely towards the usual everyday problems, household chores and many other lists of tasks. In that case, you allowed your everyday life to take precedence with the result being that you cannot fully devote yourself to the task.

The focus is like any other tool and if not used wisely then it can ruin anything, including your best intention.

# 3 When your full attention is on something that doesn’t matter

Very often people would set up an objective just for its own sake.

It makes little or no sense at all to have 90-day goals if they don’t open the road towards what you are ultimately aiming at. Of course, you might register some success, but it will be fleeting and even unproductive. Because progress means going forward, in the direction your dream is pointing at.

It’s like as if you enroll in chess or fine arts class which doesn’t have anything to do with your long-term vision in any area of your life.

But don’t worry! We figured it all.

How to get your focus and vision to be on the same page

It’s very simple:

Your intention is within the vision.

The 90-day goals and weekly steps become the focal point of your actions.

The strategy is to channel all of yourself in the direction of your objective. The great progress is not achieved in one day, but every single day in the right direction. If you know where you are going, you have already succeeded.

Not that we are trying to sell you our system, but…

…it is exactly what you need

There are hundreds of concepts but they are kind of “stand-alone” ones. We haven’t invented neither the consecutive steps nor the positive affirmations, not to mention the visualizations but “GoalBuddy” is extremely helpful because of its holistic approach.

We don’t subscribe to only one “ideology” in goal-setting. Instead, we look for and then use the best of all existing theories and methodologies. Thus, we combine various proven techniques to get the synergy needed.

All this, when backed up on your part by hard and focused work, makes our system operate as a well-oiled machine. Buy it – it’s available to everyone and costs exactly nothing. We also give 100% money back guarantee ;).

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