The key to perseverance (even if self-discipline isn’t your forte)

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What do you think begets success? Perhaps, it is the right alignment of the stars? Or, it’s just that Fate smiled on you? Whatever you might believe in it’s still good to know more about it and hear out other points of view.

Here is our point of view on the subject. A system for goals can make all the difference between reaching your dream and failing to do so.

A “natural born” winner

One of the most invasive species on the planet is water hyacinth. This tiny and fragile flower spreads quickly outside its natural habitat and can cover a small lake in no time.

It quickly grows and if it is difficult to notice it in the first couple of days by the end of the months it is everywhere.

Apart from its negative impact, we would like to look at the other side of the medal. A systematic approach can result in exponential progress in pretty much anything.

Of perseverance

Very few of you will disagree with the following statement:

Being persistent is a precondition for anything you undertake if you want to bring it to a successful end.

Still, most of us find it difficult to be focused and committed. Some try but quickly give up because of the unrelenting pressure of our workdays. Others simply settle for the defeatist attitude that they are disorganized and inconsistent. This might prevent them to even consider setting up an objective.

But it’s not all bad news.

There is a great solution available to anyone!

Success is not a question of good luck or a matter of great character but a function of your focused and relentless work in the longer run.

First, you need to have a structured model around which to arrange your actions. This must be a mechanism ensuring an uninterrupted series of small steps towards your objectives. The other element is some sort of support mechanism that will keep you motivated.

You might be already guessing what we are implying. The best method is the structured one. So, let’s talk for a little bit on the importance of having a good framework.

Does it mean that you will have to work within certain boundaries?

For many of you, the term might have a negative connotation and sound a bit too theoretical.

Of course, a set of requirements may seem to stifle our ingenuity and take away some degrees of freedom. Some people are better than others but there is one inescapable benefit for all.

Restrictions actually can channel our creativity in a specific direction.

Rules are necessary

Of course, they aren’t the goal but the means for reaching it. Our system’s principles will help us navigate the journey allowing us to keep our eyes on the ball and not giving up.

Name your vision first. Then set a short-term target, and start working on it right away. And why not the same day! These are some of the “commandments” of “GoalBuddy”. Keep them and they will provide an opportunity to choose the course of your own life.

This is how.

First – it helps you to start

Has your freedom been infringed upon when you are first forced to do something which turns out to be quite consequential? For example, it triggers a series of actions?

We don’t think so. By being pushed outside your comfort zone you have to engage all the challenges to the fullest of your abilities. Every single win, regardless of how small, brings in more confidence.

Second – it helps you to keep going

Rules are instrumental in overcoming our internal constraints and limiting beliefs.

We, as human beings, are very good at fooling ourselves with stories like “Success is not my middle name.” Or, “I can’t ask for a raise since… I don’t look sharp enough today.”

We will look for any excuses to avoid a tough situation. So, we have to be able to recognize these if we want to do better.

If we commit ourselves to act firmly without letting chance or mood take over, then things will start moving our way.

Personal responsibility

That is yet another argument in favor of a structured approach – it can keep us accountable for every single one of our actions.

The attitude should be “There is no such thing as failure. There are only lessons to be learned!” When it includes a regular review of our progress and a corrective adjustment of strategy everything becomes possible for you.

Thus, you will gain the strength and courage to stay on the chosen path.

And third – it stops you from getting distracted

This is crucial for those who would spring to action without thinking twice. They would quickly get entangled in too many things. Usually, they are suspicious of any rigid methodology since it might stop them from starting yet another new and exciting project.

In reality, however, rules such as “Few Goals, More Focus” ensure sustainable and long-term results. When you put a concentrated effort on what’s really important to you, then the odds of achieving it will go up.

And now the best part!

A systematic approach yields systematic results

It is an article of faith for us:

When you chose and implement the right system success becomes inevitable.

Easier said than done, right?

It must be such that it provides support as well as a mechanism to maintain your drive. Last but not least – it has to be fun, enjoyable and inspiring.

Several levels of understanding

But not all of us have the same predisposition towards a methodical application of a system.

It was our own experience that made us think so. That’s why we list here four levels for the awareness of what a system means. How about we go together over these and then you can decide if there would be something of value for you!

# 1 “Made by destiny”

“Achieving an objective is mostly by chance and would take place on its own. I don’t need to control it.”

Those who subscribe under this don’t believe that they should be in charge of their own personal development. They tend to view a system as something imposed on them for no good reason.

And it would be hard to argue with them. You are absolutely free to do whatever you feel like while things are just unfolding with little or no effort on your part. That’s all right except there is a catch.

Does life happen to you or do you make it happen?

The right answer is that it is a matter of choice.

Well, no argument here. We can’t control everything because sooner or later circumstances change. And yet, it is vital that we stay on the chosen track.

The difference is that if you make your life happen, then you are going the direction you chose.

Being proactive

Knowing where you are going makes you more aware of your own being. You do take responsibility for your actions and you don’t feel like a rudderless boat left to the mercy of the sea.

And when trouble strikes you will have only yourself to look for a solution. Therefore, finding one means that it will be of your own making. That’s how one grows wiser and stronger.

How can the system help?

It will assist you in defining your long-term vision as pointing exactly at what you want and not something else.

Clarity, confidence and dedication are the qualities that make it possible for you to take control.

# 2 Those who are too busy

“My life doesn’t leave me much of the opportunity to plan effectively. But at the right moment and with more free time, I can do almost anything.”

Most of us are like that. Which means one thing – we rarely manage to fulfill any of our good ideas.

The upside here is that you become responsible and committed. The issue then becomes one of routine.

The right moment

As a Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best is now.”

Sure, being capable to take care of everything that life throws our way is admirable. Except that by the time you are done it might very well be your retirement knocking on the door.

How can the system help?

“GoalBuddy” does it by setting a limit on the number of objectives. And these must be well justified by the “Why” question. That’s how these priorities take the central role they deserve.

For example, if we have three major ones (health, finances, and career) they will require three small actions each week. This is quite feasible for anyone by dedicating just a couple of hours per week.

# 3 The winners

“It is good to have a system and the organizational skills for implementing it. It doesn’t have to be a perfect one. It’s good enough to know what and when I have to do.”

It sounds promising, right? You have a fairly good degree of freedom.  But the challenge is to do without a system at all.

When there are no limitations

Without strict guidelines for choosing wisely priorities and streamlining the workload, you may end up overreaching and running against the clock.

The result

What you get is a great deal of disbalance. You may achieve an impressive professional success but at the expense of your health and family. And that won’t make you any happier.

Worse yet, lasting stress and hard work can lead to complete burnout.

Let’s look now at the opposite case:

You act only when you can

This is not a good way to start the day when you have no idea of what your priorities are.

You may find yourself going in the wrong direction and not realize it till it’s too late.

The role of a system

Here is how “Goal Buddy” will give you the much-needed peace of mind that you are doing it right. It is the steady rate of progress through the small weekly steps plus a timely analysis and the needed corrective actions.

All of the above is where your Buddy comes in to help with. Plus something more – your friend is the outside authority to motivate and support you.

# 4 The inspired

“I must have a system that helps me to go after my dreams and aspirations even when they seem buried under the many chores of my everyday life. Once I’ve chosen a system, progress will be secured.”

That’s what we call a perfect equilibrium – not only less stress but also much joy for you along the way.

The inevitability of success

A measured approach means that you don’t have to break your back working 24/7 and thus neglecting everything else.

Mastering the skill to employ the cumulative effect of the small weekly steps is what the fragile Amazon flower does while conquering the lake.

But we can’t be always on the top of it all

It is naive to believe that we can be 100% of ourselves all the time.

It is only normal to find ourselves at specific moments at any of the 4 “levels”. The ups and downs are as natural as the ocean tides.

The key to success is that it is we who choose the destination while the “GoalBuddy” forces us in that direction – with constant actions and constant results. That’s how, in fact, we become in time the best versions of ourselves. How about you?

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