Here’s how fulfilling your dream will become inevitable

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Many more of us regret what we didn’t do rather what we did. That feeling comes up when we think of those times when we’ve hoped to achieve something but ultimately failed to do anything about it. Or when we tried but we couldn’t bring ourselves to persevere in the endeavor.

Today we will lay out in front of you how to get to any objective with ease and almost as if we are on autopilot. Well, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to make any effort at all. It will be a step-by-step process without much stress and, most importantly, it will be a successful one. Let’s get to it now and check out some proven tactics and strategies.

Is “System” a dirty word?

You already know that our system for inevitably achieving all kinds of objectives is called “GoalBuddy”. But why then there is this word, “system”, in there which is a bit loaded with a negative connotation?

Well, it is often associated with strict rules that are not so easy to follow. And that may be so but there is more to it:

Whenever you invest some of your time and energy in a system there will be a predictable output – the expected result.

It is a sequence of steps that allows you to effectively organize your actions in the direction of the finish line. If you don’t feel very comfortable with the word you can think of replacing it with an approach, methodology, or why not “modus operandi”.

There is a tricky part

We always fall for this “nice” idea that we wake up one morning and we find ourselves able to shout out “Yes! I’ve done it!”

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

For those who have made success an integral part of themselves every morning begins with “Yes! I am getting it done here and now, today as much as any other day of my life!”

And to get to this state we need a consistent and reliable approach. One that will allow you to act – and action is the key after all said and done.

The system is the means

It happens to any of us all the time – we get excited about something new and kick it off with much energy and hope. And yet, something unexpected happens, i.e. a long vacation, busy times at the workplace, a personal emergency. The one thing that consistently kills momentum is called “everyday life”. It may take weeks and even months before you realized that you’ve forgotten what your dream was made of.

The reason is that you didn’t employ a good system. Here is what you need:

  • You have a very good way of organizing the tasks in your mind so that you never forget them.
  • Every week you work on an objective and gradually get closer to it. This is how you keep motivation up and running along the way.
  • You enjoy a great support mechanism – the social effect of sharing your ideas with other people.
  • Inner inhibitions and limiting beliefs are being broken up in the process.
  • You manage to overcome bad circumstances, such as lack of time or too many other commitments.

Perhaps, too good to be true?

# 1 Tactic: Make it known to your friends

Ivan is not used to set up deadlines when he gets into creating a new course for his on-line training platform, And that’s bad – he is exposed to the danger of procrastination and slow progress.

Except that he would do something else – he finished and deployed only the first of 8 parts for a new course and then announced it to the thousands of his subscribers. People enrolled and paid the fee. So, he had no choice but to get the rest of the course finished.

You don’t have to be 100% prepared before you start doing something for the first time. But if you tell everyone about your plan then you feel obliged to follow through with it.

# 2 Tactic: Social environment

The people around you can tell very well the difference between success and failure. You need to surround yourself with those that would be able to question you but at the same time help you advance in the desired direction.

There is another major factor here:

It is not easy to follow a healthy diet when your partner brings home lots of sweets, right? That is why it is crucial to get them to be truly engaged with your struggle and be aware of the importance of this to you.

# 3 Tactic: Getting over obstacles

If you do have a bad habit that makes it hard to work on your goals then the solution is to make it even harder to maintain.

For example, if you are easily tempted to do impulsive online shopping then it is a very good idea to get rid of all the credit cards /or at least, keep them home locked and away from your wallet/. That will make it much trickier to give in to the temptation to buy stuff.

# 4 Tactic: Small, really small steps

Start with something ridiculously easy.

For example, you do only one push-up and in just a couple of weeks, you will be able to go up to 50. This is very much a possibility but only if you made pushups deeply rooted in you just like instinct is. Then one day you will realize that words like “I don’t have the time or the will power” will be completely gone from your vocabulary.

Whenever we start small, it will easily enter our daily life at a subconscious level.

# 5 Tactic: Not losing sight of what matters

The more time we stay on top of the task at hand, the more we will have the opportunity to finish it up well.

Even the best of intentions will soon devolve into a wasteful exercise of daydreaming if our time and efforts go somewhere else. And that’s exactly how we end up getting off track.

If we are focused day in and day out we will never fail to act and have our small daily “wins” that power our momentum beyond the danger zone of getting stuck and eventually giving up.

There are no impossible goals

There are only impossible deadlines. We’ve witnessed many times how the system is uniquely well suited for all types of people and their dreams. We can achieve almost anything – we just need to roll up our sleeves and start acting within a consistent and productive framework.

A truly good system can be an absolute “game-changer” in your journey of learning how to do something that seemed so hard and distant just a few weeks before.


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