Goal Setting Step 1: The Confidence Fuel tank

Duration: 10-15min

Tips on how to do all exercises:

Steps 1 to 5 are the goals setting process. Steps 6 and 7 are the … you might call it “goal achieving process”.

We recommend that you download and print the goal setting templates, find a quite place and initially in solitude or with a partner (a goal buddy – more on this later).

We like to fully immerse into the goal setting process and we take a whole day to do it, but that’s not always possible.

If your time is limited, you can split the process into 7 short sessions. For your convenience, we Calculated the average duration of each session.

The goal of this exercise

This is a simple but powerful exercise to start with your goal setting.

You need to fill up you confidence fuel tank to start with the goal setting process.

The idea is so simple, you can do it on a sheet of paper, but we have also a downloadable PDF.

We constantly tend to forget two things – things that worked for us in the past and we stopped doing them and things that were successfully completed, but we can make further progress.

So, here is your chance to reflect the past.


  1. Make sure you have 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time in solitude;
  2. Take out a blank sheet of paper and create three columns;
  3. Start with the first column and list at least 30 achievements you did in your life and you are proud of. (e.g. finished school, got a job, completed project X, found a soul mate, etc.)
  4. Fill in column 2 and answer the question “Why was this achievement significant to you?”
  5. If applicable, fill in column 3 and answer the question “What further progress or next steps would I like to make for this achievement?”.
  6. Just take a minute and notice how many things you completed. You are great!

Continue to step 2 of the goal setting process

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Continue to step 2 of the goal setting process

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