Goal Setting Step 3: The What I Want Manifesto

The Bible said it best:

Ask, and you shall be given.

Duration: 25min.

Downloadable template: The What I Want Manifesto

The purpose of this exercise

So far, you already had the time to think about your roles in life and its main spheres. As a result, you have clarity about everything you want to achieve in terms of experiences, growth and contributions. And these are the “raw ingredients” for the most important thing.

The time has come to build your vision.

Now you need to answer the question “What do I want?

Key concept

What we call vision is a dream we have for every area of our life in the next 25 years.

But the dynamics of modern life pose a significant problem – things change quite quickly.

And yet, there are things that stay the same for us. For example, if now you have a short-term goal for your health, we do not believe that it can be any different in the long term.

That is, the vision for your health will be something like “in a 25-year horizon I want to be healthy, full with energy and in a good physical shape.”


  • Think of each life priority by focusing on what will remain important to you in the next 25 years.
  • Formulate the vision carefully having in mind how you want your life to look after three decades.
  • Be aware that this is not the time to think about a specific goal. Later you will have the opportunity to develop a specific strategy for each vision in the form of 90-day action goals.

So, download the template and start building a long-term vision.

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