Goal Setting Step 1: The Confidence Fuel tank

Before you start – some tips on how to do the exercises:

You are just about to start Step 1. Please note that Steps 1 through 5 are related to the goal setting process while Steps 6 and 7 are, let’s say, about the nature of the achievement.

Here are our recommendations:

How? – We encourage you to download the free templates and print them out.

Where? – It would be good to find a nice and quiet place to focus on the task.

With whom? – Do the exercises alone if you can’t get your Goal Buddy to participate or you don‘t have one yet (more about that a little bit later).

When? – In order to fully immerse yourself in the task, it is best to dedicate a full day on it.

How much? – If you can’t afford a whole day, then do them in steps. We divided them into seven brief ones. For your convenience, we also specified the average time required to complete each of them.

Good luck!

Step 1: The Confidence Fuel Tank

Duration: 10-15 minutes

The purpose of this exercise

It is as simple as it is effective. The best way to get started is by filling up your “tank” with confidence.

You will have to dig into the past for that.

If you think about it you might agree that two things are often forgotten or remain only in the back of our mind. The first is what worked for us before, but we stopped doing it. The second is what we’ve already achieved, but it has the potential for even greater success.

Here is your chance to take advantage of the lessons you had over the years.


Make sure you have 10-15 minutes in peace and without any interruptions;

Take a blank sheet and draw a table with 3 columns titled ACHIEVEMENTS, WHY and MORE PROGRESS.

  1. Start with the first column and list no less than two dozens achievements in your life that you are proud of. You do that going back three months, then a year ago, and finally – ten years. For example, graduating from a university, starting a job, successfully completing a project, finding a soul mate, etc.
  2. Against each one fill in the second column, answering the question “Why was this significant to me?”
  3. If possible, complete the third column with the answer to “What further progress or next steps I can take to build upon this?”
  4. Finally, take a breath and look for a moment how many things you have done so far. You are great!

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