Goal Setting Step 5: The 90-Day Focus

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Duration: 10min.

Downloadable template: The 90-Day Activity Focus

The purpose of this exercise

Things should have gotten clearer for you by now. At this stage, you already have formulated visions for the most important areas of your life. You have the answer to the question “why”. And you even set yourself a 90-day action goal for each of them.

What comes next is to choose what you will be focusing on in the next quarter.


Choose up to three of your visions. Then write down your goal clearly as well as the first weekly step. At the end of the week, mark whether you did it or not.

No worries here – you don’t have to know in advance your second step, let alone to plan for the next 90 days. You only want to focus on what you do every single week.

Try to do what’s optimal in getting you closer to the goal. Next week you will have the experience of the previous weeks, not to mention more knowledge, contacts, and so on. Therefore, you will be able to go on in the best possible way of choosing your next step. And so it will go every week till the end of the quarter.

With time you will be able to get everything you want due to the effect of the accumulation of small but consistent steps.

Continue with step 6 of the goal setting process.

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Continue with step 6 of the goal setting process.


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