Goal Setting Step 2: The True Goals Discovery

Duration: 15min x 3 exersises

The goal of this exercise

With these exercises:

We will dream…

We will brainstorm….

We will imagine our life as we want it to be.

Why so many exercises?

You probably need just one of these. You just … don’t know which one 🙂

Our idea is to “inspect” your life from different angles, different perspectives.

The instructions here are:

  • You have no limitation;
  • Imagine you can have anything;
  • Dream big;
  • Have fun.

Don’t worry. Later we will organize these goals in small achievable steps, but here we are looking for the seemingly impossible future goals.

Also, remember, you need 10-15 minutes uninterrupted “alone time”.

Exercise 1: 3 Questions

One of our favorite “dreaming” exercises is from Vishen Lakhani.

You can do it just on a piece of paper, but we have again prepared a downloadable PDF.

Exercise 2: Your roles in life

Steven Covey is another hero of us and he talks about roles in life.

Your roles may be son/daughter, partner, brother/sister, leader, employee, etc.

  1. List your roles;
  2. Write down why these roles are important to you;
  3. Write down the progress you would like to have in your roles.


Exercise 3: The areas of life

There is a very famous exercise call “the circle of life” – you list the most important areas of life and rate yourself from 1 to 10 how yo do in each area.

We like the areas of life part, but seeing low ratings can demotivate you. What we do is just the opposite – we want to define what a 10 in each area means. (more on this later)

Most people would have some of the following areas. Choose which ones are important for you and create your circle of life:

  • Health & fitness
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Finance
  • Skills
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Career/mission
  • Personal and spiritual development

Write down the progress you would like to make in each area. Maybe you want to lose few pounds or improve the relationships with your family?


Continue to step 3 of the goal setting process

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