Goal Setting Step 6: The Goal Buddy Support System

This step is short, but probably the most important one.

The best way to achieve your goals is to find a goal buddy. If you don’t have a goal buddy, there is a high risk that you will become one of the 94% of the people, who abandon their goal just two weeks after setting them.

You will inevitably fall off, but the purpose of the goal buddy is to keep you on track.

The most crucial step in achieving your goals is setting up a support system.

If you don’t have a support system, don’t even try to set goals. It will be a disappointing experience.

The goal buddy is sort of an accountability partner. This is a person with whom you share your goals and each week you speak to each other about your obstacles and successes. You act like coaches to each other.

Who can be your goal buddy?

If you are married, start with your spouse. If you can be buddies in life and also in goals, this can be amazing.

However, if your spouse or partner in life is not “sold on goals” and does not like goal setting, don’t push it. Find a friend who sets goals.

The best goal buddy is:

  • A person you can trust;
  • Has already written goals or some sort of system or has a burning desire to have one;
  • Has the time and is committed to a 20-minute phone call each week.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Put out a sheet of paper and list the names of people you consider for your goal buddy;
  2. Take the person out for a coffee or something and them about this system
  3. If it’s not possible to go out, call the person or share this guide
  4. Ask the person if he/she wants to be your goal buddy
  5. Don’t try to push it too hard. Make a test. If it doesn’t work out the first time, look for another person;
  6. No matter how clear you are on your goals – call your goal buddy each week at the same time (explained in detail in step 7)
  7. Clarity and confidence will increase after each call, just don’t miss the call.

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