Goal Setting Quick Start Guide

  1. Find a GoalBuddy. This is the most important step. Imagine you and your friend Peter are goal buddies. Your goal buddy is sort of an accountability partner for goals;
  2. You call or meet your goal buddy each week for 20 min. (e.g. Sunday afternoon or Monday morning);
  3. Let’s say you have vision goals for your health and fitness, relationships, etc. but we will take just one – a financial freedom goal as an example;
  4. You’ve told your buddy about your goals and why they are important to you;
  5. During the weekly goal buddy call (or meeting) you choose only one next action for each goal that you commit to complete next week;
  6. You take advantage of the compound effect of small steps – only one next action per week;
  7. Imagine. After only one year, you would have completed 52 tasks towards achieving your financial freedom goal. (or any other goal);
  8. Next weeks call you start by telling your buddy what you completed from the previous week;
  9. Sometimes you have not completed all tasks (happens more often in the beginning). In this case, your buddy does not judge or blame you. Your goal buddy just asks questions – Why? What did you learn? How can you do it better next time?
  10. Then you switch roles and you help your buddy;
  11. This happens every week. In a couple of months you gain more clarity about your goals and confidence that you can really achieve the dreams you have;
  12. Optional 🙂 Share this system with your friends, so that we can achieve our mission – much more people to live the life of their dreams.

I don’t know how to say it more loudly. This is simple but it just works!

If you need more structure, exercises on how to discover your goals and tips about the full system, check the complete goal setting guide.


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