Goal setting templates

These goal setting templates are part of the Goalbuddy system. Download them for free (no email required).

The What I Want Manifesto

goal-setting-templates-what-i-want-manifestoDownload here goalbuddy-the-what-i-want-manifesto

We have also a version in Bulgarian here.

Usage: State what you want from life. Fill in once per year during yearly goal setting session. Review during the quarterly goal setting sessions during the year.

Review different areas, e.g. health, finance, career;

Review different roles, e.g. son/daughter, brother/sister;

Review your energy – physica, mental, spiritual, emotional.

The Vision Goal Gameplan

goal-setting-templates-vision-goal-gameplanDownload here – goalbuddy-the-vision-goal-gameplan

We have also a version in Bulgarian here.

Usage: Choose one vision goal and branstorm until you get to an effective action goal.

Fill in during the quarterly goal setting session.

Fill in your “why”, transform your limiting beliefs and obstacles. Which habits and skills do you need to achieve this goal?

Choose one 90-day action goal with clear measurement.

Choose the first next action and commit to complete it during the following week.

The 90-day Activity Focus


Download here – goalbuddy-the-90-day-activity-focus

We have also a version in Bulgarian here.

Usage: Fill in vision goals and action goals during the quaterly goal setting session.

Review with your GoalBuddy once per week during the weekly review. Fill in one next action for the week.

Open and read daily. Visualize actions getting done.



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