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For many to publish a book is as high an accomplishment as it gets. We too have been aspiring that for a long time. And this year we finally did it! We want to share with you how our system made this dream of ours come true. We also hope to inspire and help many more people. If you’re looking for a book about goal-setting today’s article might interest you in checking out ours.

A happy coincidence

It was about 7 years ago when in a casual conversation we realized that both of us were very much interested in the same topic. Although we had quite different and somehow disorganized approaches back then, we instinctively felt that there should have been a better way to deal with goals.

Well, we didn’t find one – we created our own!

In the beginning, was the vision

Over the years we have tried a lot of different things. We researched and experimented a lot. That’s how our solution began to emerge. We did work hard on it till we were 100% sure it would do the job. The time has come to share it with the world. And this has become a mission.

Our vision for “GoalBuddy” is to help as many people around the world to have a rewarding life by fulfilling their dreams.

However, we knew that to reach a wider audience we needed as many channels of communication as possible.

The major parts of our vision

Back then we outlined the following elements:

  1. To set up a web site dedicated entirely to the topic since there wasn’t one. (Today it has nearly 200 articles, weekly podcast episodes, and many other useful resources).
  2. To run Getting together people who needed assistance in getting better at reaching their goals without giving up. (Nowadays, this has become one of the best and most rewarding practices. We do these workshops twice a year. The next one is in Sofia, January 12th, 2020).
  3. Creating an online video course. It is about helping even more people who want to use the “GoalBuddy” system. (Today, this course is gaining in popularity).
  4. Launching a mobile application. It is meant to serve people on a daily basis as a tool to achieve their objectives. (Currently, it is available for iOS and Android and anyone can use it for free.).
  5. And… a book that compiles everything we learned so far.

This last 5th element

It had until recently remained in the backburner. However, it has always been part of our vision and we knew that one day it will come to the front stage.

Stimulating your mind with the picture of your dreams as being realized helps with your objectives.

However, vision is just the beginning.

The four keys

In our book, we widely discuss these as necessary and sufficient conditions for you to succeed in anything. That’s why the title is not the name of the system, but instead “4 Keys to Achieving Goals.”

  1. Vision. It’s all about knowing what you want in the long run and why. In the case of the book, we had strong motivation and knew perfectly well the reason for its value.
  2. 90-day goals. They are the steps on the long road towards your vision. You don’t have to do everything at once. That is why we were confident that writing the book was just a matter of time.
  3. Weekly steps. These are to be small but to be taken regularly. The power of accumulation over time results in a “giant leap forward”.
  4. Goal Buddy. This is the social element of support and objectivity. The person next to you is irreplaceable regardless of whether you struggle or not. And mostly so because they make it impossible for you to give up.

This is the mechanism that can work miracles for so many of us. We talk about it at lengths in the book.

But why did you think we want to share it? These are the points of our reasoning:

# 1 It means a new and wider audience

First of all, we wanted to expand our reach. So we decided to do it through a different channel of communication.

A book is yet another medium which is important because it allows for a different type of viewing the issue of goal-setting.

# 2 Everything is put together in one place

We wanted to lay down all we know in one organized and clear manner.

Listening to podcasts and browsing articles can give a general picture of the concepts and structure of the system. This could spark interest as well as motivation. The website plays a role too – it can serve as a good starting point. Workshop meetings are exceptional because of the face-to-face type of experience. All of the above might look like parts of a puzzle.

The book places all the pieces in one single picture.

It is structured in such a way that you can clearly distinguish the four keys. If you feel that you have trouble understanding something then you can have the chance to explore them in the relevant chapter. This will give you an in-depth understanding and practical tips on exactly how to become better at achieving any objective.

# 3 Yet another great tool for overcoming obstacles

Let’s face it:

If it were easy then everyone should have been able to succeed in anything. But the fact is that around 95% of people fail in the first couple of weeks.

If there were no problems, psychological or real, everyone would be a grandmaster of goal-setting. And there would be no need at all to rely on a system.

The book summarizes a lot of practical advice, tactics, and examples of how to persist and overcome the inevitable difficulties. In the end, we can stay true to ourselves and our higher aspirations despite our greatest enemy – the drudgery of everyday life.

# 4 A different perspective

The rest of the resources, like the podcast, the website, the app, cover some really interesting and exciting topics and aspects of goal-setting. But the book plays a different role. It synthesizes the most important through the examples. These are stories of our own as well as of close friends and other people. Therefore, the readers of the book will find it immensely helpful.

How “GoalBuddy” made writing and publishing the book possible

We simply applied exactly what the title says – “The 4 Keys to Achieving Goals”! Or to put it in other words – we followed our advice.

Key 1: The vision

From day one, the book was a cornerstone of our vision. We would discuss it every three months and kept working on it until the time was right. It played the role of a guiding light which was also giving us the strength and energy to keep going.

Key 2: The 90-day goals

This year we completed the following:

  • We worked out the details of the concept, the structure and the main anchor points of content;
  • The process of writing was finalized and kicked off. This included the pace and direction of work, i.e. where and how the writing and editing would be done. We also wanted to be able to involve a team per the “Who strategy”. (an editor, a proofreader, a designer, etc.);
  • We scheduled printing and distribution. It was related to finding a printing shop, distributors and suppliers.

Key 3: The weekly steps

We were able to make progress bit by bit on each of these actions every single week. Staying on track was a challenge regardless of whether there were issues of our own or related to the team.

There were times when we had to rush things through to meet a deadline. In general, the whole process is a marathon, but some other times it has to become a sprint.

Key 4: The Goal Buddy

Of course, the writing was a combined effort for the two of us. We shared the workload as well as the responsibilities. It may sound like a cliché but supporting each other is a real and very practical thing. In the hardest of times, we reminded each other that we have a strong answer to the “Why” question.

We didn’t know till the very end how things will turn out. There were plenty of obstacles that slowed us down. But now the book is out and this is the best fact to put forward as proof that our system works.

New Year’s resolutions in a new light

We wanted the publication in early December so that people could buy it and have a new beginning for the upcoming 2020. This time around they would be well equipped to go on with their objectives without giving up.

And that’s exactly what happened! You can check out the book on ozoneatbg’s website.

A success multiplied by two

We also have a nice surprise – a special offer of a double package at a price close to the single one.

With this, we aim to emphasize the importance of the last key – the Goal Buddy. We give people the opportunity to give the second copy to the person they want to share the process with.

Why is it a good idea?

Being in sync is a must

When we play any game, it’s mandatory to play by the same rules. The biggest challenge for many people is that everyone has their approach and specific way of doing things. It’s extremely difficult to get two people to stay on the same page.

We wanted to improve communication and help the prospective Buddies speak the same language and apply the same system. Therefore, it will be great if two people read our book, like the concept and decide to give it a try together as Buddies.

Just sell the idea “Read the book and then we can figure out if we can give it a try!”

Our dream is being fulfilled as we speak!

With everything we do, we try to give it as much value. Today, we are happy to see a greater number of people taking control of their lives. They can redefine their dreams and act on them decisively. They do that not alone but with a Goal Buddy by their side. As for us, we’ll continue to be of much help as possible to all those people committed to a better and happier life.

We are glad and happy you’ve joined the club!


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