The three indispensable goals which everyone should take on

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Let’s be straightforward – there are times when it’s best to “steal” goals. And that’s especially true if you are in the following circumstances. You might be new to “GoalBuddy” or you are way off track and close to giving it all up. Last but not least – when you have no clue what your next 90-day goal should be. Today we will go over 3 specific goals that you can kick off right away without much trouble.

Is there a “size that fits all”?

So far, we’ve been talking at length and in detail about how to apply goal-setting to any aspect of our lives, i.e. health, family, career, etc. It’s time, though, to deal with the more practical side of things.

But don’t worry! It’s not as complicated as it might seem.

We’ll show you the goal templates that can help you change your daily routine. In other words, these will be a perfect illustration of how to get ready to take full advantage of our system. Once you get it done, it will become an integral part of your life.

A quick review

Each objective has two parts – the result and the action.

The first one plays the role of a guiding light that allows us to measure and evaluate how much progress we’ve made. But don’t get it confused with the goal itself!

The latter one is the control that we must have over the whole process. It depends entirely on us and to the degree of our commitment. It’s in the crux of the matter and that’s why it is called ‘90 day action goal’.

When things start gradually clearing up

Striving to guess and plan everything is very much the wrong way to go.

The road we travel reveals itself bit by bit with every new step we take forward.

We work for each of the objectives with the help of the weekly steps. However, we don’t have to, or can for that matter, plan all of them. We can only figure out the best next step based on how things unfolded during the previous seven days.

Now it’s time to move on to the so-called goal templates.

# 1. Finding a Goal Buddy

We usually get to hear two quite opposite opinions:

  • One is in the line of “It works great, we’ve been doing it with my Goal Buddy for the last 3 years now and it is an amazing experience!”
  • And the other comes from those who say “Yes, it’s great, but I don’t get it…”

We used to try to get to the bottom of why people can’t quite understand or appreciate “GoalBuddy”.

Nowadays we ask only one thing – “Do you have a Buddy who you talk to every week?” Those who say “No” are the same who would most likely claim they don’t get our system.

This one key component makes all the difference between success and failure.

Defining the objective

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Desired result – “By the end of the quarter I should find someone who wants to team up with me.”
  • 90-day action goal – some extensive social interaction will be required. You have to get out there and meet as many people as possible. But because people are so different we would like to offer several distinct strategies.

Examples of action goals:

  • Call one person each week to introduce them to the principles of “GoalBuddy”;
  • Post weekly in social media (like our Facebook page) that you are looking for a Buddy;
  • Give to your loved ones our book “The 4 Keys to Achieving Goals” and see if they get interested;
  • During gatherings with friends and co-workers try to bring up the topic of goal-setting and engage in discussing it;
  • Attend any related events like workshops or seminars so that you meet like-minded people.

The last two are very important for one very simple reason.

The power of the environment

How about you do the following experiment? You share your dreams with those from your social circle and then observe their reaction. If people are indifferent or amused, then it’s time to find a better environment.

It’s crucial for you as a person to have the support and understanding of those around you.

Many who attend our workshops do so with the intent of meeting people who are tuned to the same idea to do more with their lives. But why not find your Goal Buddy amongst them! (At the last workshop we witnessed exactly that. Two people, from the two opposite ends of the conference hall, got up from their seats and met in the middle. This is what one can call a friendship from first sight!).

Having this person next to you is a major part of your social environment and is a necessary condition for success. After you succeed in this then it’s time for your next “steal”.

# 2. Getting to know the system and then start using it

You might be wondering if you need to bother with this one. Well, there are many rewards to collect here.

The effort you make in learning the basics and then preparing yourself how to apply them (a couple of months) will pay off many times over.

Once you manage to integrate our system in your daily routine it can stay and serve you for the rest of your life.

You should look at it as one of the best things you’ve done for your future. Let’s explore now how to put it in practice.

Defining the objective

  • Desired result – “I have at my disposal a fine-tuned system. My goals are clear, well documented and shared with those I’ve chosen to do so.”
  • 90-day action goal – “Every week I take a few hours to study “GoalBuddy” getting ready to start using it.”

Examples for steps and actions

You can use the free material on our site: articles and podcast episodes, as well as the complete Goal Setting Guide. But if you prefer a more structured version of it all, then you can check out our book.

Before you start with the system itself, you can execute some weekly steps to resolve potential “logistical issues”. These are the tools you can use to outline a roadmap, when and how to talk to your Goal Buddy as well as some other details.

At this point, you can proceed to formulate your visions.

And this finally brings us to the last of today’s “copy and paste” exercise.

# 3. Laying out the vision in a written form

Some people have no clue what they want from life. Therefore, it’s mandatory to bring in the deepest possible awareness of what you truly need.

But this is far from easy.

Whether you are just a beginner or already have some prior experience one thing is for sure. Namely, to have a crystal clear picture in your mind about what matters to you most and how to get it.

And while a vision is never set in stone, it is a good idea to make at least a first draft and determine the direction. From that moment on, everything will be easier since you will have a destination as well as the energy and motivation that can give you a purposeful and meaningful way of living.

Defining the objective

  • Desired result – depending on your progress so far, there could be two cases:
  • “You have visions for 5-6 of your top priorities, such as health, family, finance, etc.”;
  • “Focus on only one of the visions and make it as sound as possible.”
  • 90-day action goal – “Scheduling a vision review every week” – the approach may vary depending on what works best for you.

Examples of writing down several visions

If you are at the very beginning of your journey it is more than worthwhile first to refine your visions.

Some, such as health, are pretty much self-evident. Still, they might mean different things to different people. So, you should think carefully about how healthy you want to be for the next 30 years (and why not for the rest of your life). The next line of consideration should be what habits and skills would make this vision a reality.

You can work on one vision every week (or for a couple of weeks) until you reach the utmost clarity for each one by the end of the quarter.

Writing down one vision

Once you’ve already drawn the big picture you might want to limit your efforts on one given area, like personal finance. In that case, you could dedicate a full quarter to it.

Concentrating all your energy is a sure way to raise the quality of your work.

There are several avenues of action:

  • Digging deep into your past to figure out what has been working well for you while outlining your habits at the time;
  • Start reading the available publications on the topic;
  • You have to attend events and seminars, as Niki does (we strongly recommend Stoine Vassilev and his “Smart Money Initiative”);
  • There are some additional resources, such as the free articles at our site;
  • Create and maintain a repository of sorts containing various models, quotes, principles, etc.

Throughout your studies, you will not only learn a lot but you will also find enough new information to utilize in your long-term financial strategy.

However, we want to emphasize something else:

Research and study are good and useful but only when followed by the corresponding actions. Otherwise, it will be like an investment with zero return. It all makes sense only if we act on what we’ve learned so far.

There you have all 3 of them now!

You’re welcome! Now you can get your hands on these three ready-to-go tasks. Finding a Goal Buddy, getting the system incorporated in your daily routine and getting all you want from life crystalize in the form of a vision. Get these done and you can reap the fruits of success for years to come. It’s well worth it!

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  • April 2, 2020 at 00:49

    Hey Ivan and Niki.

    I always appreciate the great content and ideas plus templates that you openly share with your subscribers.
    I have a network of sales professional who I share ideas and content with around Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
    Today I shared your latest blog post with them to introduce them to your work.
    I’m sure it will lead to a few more subscribers for you.
    Keep up the great work.


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